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WHY WE FEEL Building Surveys Are SO Important

ERSS LTD was recently appointed by an interested Party who had an offer accepted on a Victorian home. They prudently appointed us to conduct a level 3 Building Survey, which found concerns with the property's location [steep embankments with old 100-year walls] and raised section of land with added loads. Our findings and review were confirmed several weeks ago, just before the Sale was signed.

A large selection of dry stone wall collapsed onto the public right of way—the causes were due to poor drainage and insufficient load-bearing retaining walls. Consequently, the Client was not locally based, and we offered to assess the damage and report back the findings [FOC]. This is what we discovered [See images]. The Buyer was advised accordingly, with additional risks noted to sections failing and areas with gas mains pipes; the Buyer withdrew their offer. However, we at ERSS LTD believe in going that extra mile and helping all our Clients when they need us most.

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WHY WE FEEL Building Surveys Are SO Important

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