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Our Thoughts Go out to You.

In September last year, we were appointed to assist a Client [Mr & Mrs Pondsford] in Stroud with a dispute over works in which the selected Builder had begun to build a loft conversion and rear extension.

Unfortunately, the works ceased after serval weeks, with the employer offering more cash to entice the builder back to the site. The Contractor was paid more funds but never returned to the site to continue works, nor has repaid any of the Clients money for the unfinished work.

Our site visit in mid-September 2021 found the inner areas of the home damaged with little thought into the design, materials needed, and building code to meet necessary Building Regs. The external was left untidy and in breach of H&S and CDM 2015.

Our Client has recently written to the BBC to tell their story, and on behalf of the Team at ERSS, we wish Mr & Mrs Pondsford swift justice in recouping their money and taking matters further under Civil and Criminal law.

For more information on the Story, please visit []

At ERSS, we are here to help and should you be reading this, don't just put your faith in someone you believe says they're a professional. Instead, do your homework, and get a specialist Surveyor who can advise on formal Building Contracts to prevent something like this from happening to you.

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