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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Ref: 17 Feb 2019 By Molly Rose Pike (The Sun) Apple News

We found this small article which made us groan and roll our eyes. How in this day and age could such a prominent feature be overlooked and how could something like this happen.

In summary, after spending thousands on improving and widen a driveway with new gates, an unnamed owner has been left with a Royal Mail Box stuck in the middle of the newly created entranceway (block paved).

Although we understand the homeowner has applied to Royal Mail to relocate the post box from its original location, we find it unbelievable that this error occurred. Surely someone from the Contractors side, a sub-contractor or worker noted a whopping big red post box in the way, even if it was missed before starting works it would have been noted when the block paving works were being carried out? Apparently not....

It just goes to show, if the client or contractor had appointed a professional, someone such as ourselves, this major design flaw would have come to light.

It appears removing the Post Box will be of great cost to the property owner, considerably more than appointing a professional Building Surveyor with Public Indemnity Insurance, who would provide sound advice and offer professional construction insight.

For more information on the featured article by Molly Rose Pike (17 Feb 2019) The Sun please follow the link <https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8447253/post-box-stuck-driveway-building-fail/>

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