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Plan Drawing Examples

Due to popular demand from potential clients on our cost for Design Technician work and for examples of our level of detail drawings provided for our rates.

We feel it fitting to share some of our work via this blog.

To those home owners who are in the market for new extensions or alterations, Planning submission specialist and/or Building Regulation submissions, please find an example of a project we have recently completed.

The total package for our design cost the client only £600 (inc VAT).

However, due to the clients budgetary restrictions, and set amount for the building work, our design included for new fixtures and fittings, i.e. Bathroom suite to meet best value for money whilst keep within financial allowance(s).

To assist with value engineering, the client agreed to a specification (extra cost for £250, Inc VAT), to assist with determining prices from potential contractors and to ensure costings were set at a mid-quality standard [from the start].

Contact us now for a no-obligation fee letter and let us help you with remodelling your home or designing that new extension you have been considering.

We can take you through the processes and lead you to achieve your goal, while keeping your budget in-check.

Sincere thanks for looking.

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