About the US.

Our Surveying & Building knowledge foundations 

are based on "professional help, trust and honesty", from career's spanning over 25 years in Management and Professional Surveying.  

Emerald Ritter was created based on enhancing the features from working with LLPs, World wide professional organisations and Smaller Surveying Practices. Taking the good points and adapting these to fit our clients needs. 

Our Core values are:

  1. To provide the best service possible

  2. Offer the right advice @ a great price

  3. Punctual & respectful 

  4. Highly Methodical thinkers

  5. To take ownership of the works in-hand

  6. Always ethical "not when it suits"

  7. Pride ourselves in going the extra mile


Emerald Ritter has been built on the above core values with Value for Money and a Service which we feel is affordable.

Drone Lens

We are here to assist you if you are 

  1. Domestic/ homeowners  

  2. Commercial clients 

  3. Local Authorities/Housing Associations 

  4. Contractors/ Small Builders/ Trades


We offer professional expertise (Quality) and advice to put your mind at rest and to allow you to get on with more important things.

Want to discuss further: Contact Us!.

Note;  if a consultant has been officially appointed under the Party Wall Act, you are unable to transfer the work to us or obtain free advice from us, for more information on this <click here>.

Value for money counts in this world, whilst we cannot supply every piece of advice for free, we are here to help and have the expertise to resolve concerns with your project.


Ritter's solution is simple:

   A professional service that excels.

We are committed and want to help, 

to succeed in business and evolve

from word of mouth. 


   Advice and information which is detailed          and relevant within time frames agreed.

We do not believe in holding back information

for extra fees, this is unethical. Honest delivery

to supplying information and documents within the agreed timeframe is our goal.

   Informative and after sales help.

We are willing to help you and, more

importantly, want you to trust us to provide you with the level of service we expect ourselves.


   Our costings are reasonable.

              We believed in going the extra mile and provide                   comprehensive reports based on knowledge and                 with use of specialist equipment, ultimately                           furnishing 'you' Our client with all the necessary                   details for you to consider the next step.